Air Ambulance Talk Review

The Air Ambulance Talk at Golden Green was really interesting. They were  a lovely group of ladies at the village hall and we had an enjoyable night with tea and cakes, a raffle and a small stall of things to buy.

A man gave the talk with a slide show about kent,Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance service,which is a charity relying on voluntary donations.They like to keep government out because they run it themselves!

They attend incidents that can happen anywhere  in the South East, 24 /7, and give the best immediate care, before airlifting to hospital.

The crew are very highly trained.The Aviation team needs 2 pilots each with 1000 hours flying experience and a commercial pilots licence. They cannot fly in low cloud or fog and they are tasked on average 4-6 times a day.

There are  2 aircraft which are stationed at Marden and Redhill and re fuelled there. It takes 1 1/2 years to kit out the aircraft with burns kits, heart monitors, blood etc.

Types of accidents include:-heavy industry, farm machinery,  seaside towns at night, golf courses, sports injuries, road accidents and horse falls.

£6.5 million is needed to be raised.

An example of this is :

£1000 for fuel
£75 boots
£1 bubble wrap
£325 kit bag
£2500 mission

Types of fundraising include : wills, lottery, xmas cards  and time is also given by many volunteers.

It was an enjoyable talk and it's nice to know that we are all in such safe hands!