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September Members' Meeting

  • Angel Centre tn9 1sf (map)

Jude, Ministry of Food Advisor, WWII re-enactor

As a hobby, I have become fascinated by the experiences of women living in Britain during the Second World War and how their lives were affected by the war. I enjoy showing this across the country  through my role as a WW2 Re-enactor.  Many women played a vital part on the Home front. Individually it may have been a very small part, but when put together, this had an important effect on both moral and the war effort. 

The shortages of commodities that they faced ranged from vital food supplies to a wide range of household goods. It is the rationing of food that I will discuss. Charting the history of food rationing by showing  what was rationed, how it was rationed and the way that there were  strategies in place to help women cope with this rationing.

Dressed in clothing of the era, I will be stepping into my wartime  role as a Ministry of Food Advisor and will demonstrator two examples of wartime recipes.