We are part of the West Kent Federation and they host a number of events throughout the year that all members are invited to attend. 

  • Please be aware that tickets ordered for Federation Events will be invoiced to the South Tonbridge WI.

  • No tickets are issued before the closing date.

  • Should an event be oversubscribed, we may not get all of the tickets we applied for but will still receive some.

  • Once the tickets have been allocated by the Federation, they will be charged to our WI and if you can longer attend, you will need to find a replacement.

  • Please remember to always bring your ticket with you to an event.

Upcoming Events

You can find upcoming West Kent Federation events on their Facebook page: West Kent Federation of WIs.

You can find NFWI Federation events on their website: NFWI events.

To reserve a ticket for any event, please let us know via southtonbridgewi@gmail.com so we can submit the ticket requests. Please note the closing date for each event is the last date we can submit ticket requests.

Denman Day Visits

Visiting the WI College of Denman is a great way to expand your learning and experience what the WI is all about! There are Day Visits both with and without a cookery demonstration at Denman available, you just have to sign up! A visit of this type is the perfect way to introduce members to Denman and all it has to offer. For those who are familiar with Denman it is an opportunity to enjoy the house and grounds that they have come to know and love. 
Day Visits 
Check out the programme for a Day Visit which includes lunch with wine, a tour of the college and a cream tea. 
Day Visit with Cooking Demo