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The WI has a long history of campaigning on a wide range of issues that matter to women and their communities. Over the past 100 years, WI members have campaigned to empower and support women within society, exerting their individual and collective influence to bring a series of controversial issues into the public domain; resulting in many changes in legislation and government policy. The WI is an entirely member led organisation, and the resolutions process ensures that every WI member has the opportunity to set the direction of National Federation of WI (NFWI) campaigns and policy, from the grass-roots up. Every year WI members have the chance to put forward issues that they would like the national body to campaign on as 'resolutions'. Resolutions go through a year long debate and consultation process. Members short-list resolutions for debate in their own Federations and WIs, before making a final selection of resolutions to take forward for discussion at the Annual Meeting in the summer. If passed, these then become mandates and form the basis of campaigning and awareness raising activities in the years ahead.

The South Tonbridge WI Public Affairs Group are working on the campaigns from 2015, as well as Climate Change. We will soon be working on 'Mental Health Matters' which became a mandate at the 2018 NFWI Annual Meeting.

Any member can propose a resolution and each WI can put forward more than one resolution.

When and where


Next meeting

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2019 Resolutions Shortlist

It’s voting time again!

Please click on the link to read more about each of the 6 resolutions that have been shortlisted. We will be voting for ONE of them in the New Year:

1. Improving plant biosecurity in the UK
2. Trees – improving the natural landscape
3. Pelvic floor education
4. Suffering in silence; end the taboo around menstrual health
5. A call against the decline in local bus services
6. Don’t fear the smear

Useful Info

We are currently working on these toolkits:

Food matters

Great Food Debates II: Food Poverty Toolkit

Food Matters - Campaigns Action pack

End Plastic Soup

End Plastic Soup - Campaign action pack

Climate Change

The WI and Climate Change

2018 Anniversaries 

2018 Anniversaries - Campaign toolkit

Alleviating Loneliness

Link Together to alleviate loneliness - Campaign action pack

Dementia Care / Carers First

Carers Welcome - Action pack

Mental Health Matters

Make time for mental health - Action pack