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Please note, we are no longer accepting members 2016 membership. We recently voted to cap our membership at 90, reducing it from the original 130. We have changed venue to something more comfortable but it can’t accommodate the same numbers and the smaller group feels more intimate and cohesive.

As membership lasts for a full calendar year, we review our membership only in December. We will then advertise for any new members via social media and this site in January. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to ensure that you see any new member announcements. We will also put it on Streetlife. Eventually we hope to be in the position to always have a spare couple of spaces for new joiners.

Start a New WI!

We really encourage you to think about starting another WI in the Tonbridge area. There is definitely the interest as we've had a very long waiting list and get enquires at least weekly. We would be more than happy to help, give advice and more if you're interested in doing this!

Contact the Kent West Kent federation office to speak to someone who can get you going.